Rebekka – I Finally Found (Listen And Download)

Rebekka – I Finally Found The journey for true love is never ending. It has its trials and tribulations. The past leaves scars and the hurt leaves imprints. One day, when you least expect it, you will finally find true love! Available NOW.

Rebekka – Don’t Know Why

Rebekka’s latest Freestyle song “Don’t Know Why” is out now! With special guests! Background vocals by SasanMusic recording artist AJ Cardona and Synthia Figueroa courtesy of Artistik Recordings, recorded at Artistik Studios. Rebekka – Don’t Know Why is another hit by Aj Cardona produced by Sasan Eda. Now available on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and many other…

Rebekka – Before I Give You My Heart

After “It Was You” Rebekka’s back now with her brand new song “Before I Give You My Heart“. It is now available on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and many other digital stores out there. Get your copy today and show Rebekka some love. Thank you for your outstanding support! Amazon: iTunes: Google Play: