[one_half]As one of the last steps in the production chain is the mastering process. Achieved by mastering the music production significantly improve the sonic impression.

Depending on the request by the source material we are including level adjustment and PQ editing, digital jitter removal and creating fades, so that your music still gets the final cream topping.

For the mastering process, we use various technical equipment such as filters, equalizers, compressors, or psycho-acoustic devices of both worlds (analog and digital) of Avalon, Lexicon, Sony, Sonnox, SSL, Universal Audio, Brainworx and many more.

The most profitable way is eMastering, also known as Online-Mastering. This process is easy and fast.

This saves time and money – but this does not affect quality! Your songs will be mastered by the same engineer and with the same equipment.


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How it works

Please send your files with the following specification: WAV or AIFF, 16bit, 24bit or 32bit!), 44,1 kHz or better.

Please name your files like this:


(e.g. SasanEda_Amnesia_24bit_441kHz_128bpm_Emin)

Please do not use any dithering, loudness maximizer, multiband-compressor, or EQs on your Stereo Output. Make sure that nowhere in the stereo mix is clipping or distortion. A headroom of 6 dB (the meter should never exceed -6db) is therefore very useful.

You may also like to send a reference song, so we can get a better picture of your ideas sound.

Do NOT send us WAV or AIFF files via eMail. Please upload your song to our Dropbox using the url below.

If you don’t have DropBox yet, you can get your own Dropbox using by clicking the following url: Get Your Own Dropbox For Free!

After we have done the mastering process, you can download your songs easily from our DropBox. Your songs will be in 16bit / 44,1 kHz. In addition we can also send you a Master CD for an additional amount.

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