SoundToys presents: Little AlterBoy – Free Download

SoundToys presents: Little AlterBoy – Free Download

With Soundtoys Little AlterBoy you can pretty much attain the same effects using the Antares EVO, chorus & formant stuff, Autotune, Harmony Engine, T-Pain (Cher) Effect and many others.

It’s featuring pitch and formant shifting, the overly popular pitch-quantizing hard tune effect, pitch locked robot voice and much more.

Also Soundtoys included the classic tube saturation from their Decapitator to add warmth to Little AlterBoy.

What can you do with Little Alterboy?

  • EDM Style Octaves
  • Pitch Quantizing/Hard Tuning
  • Robotic Computer Voices
  • Simple Harmony
  • Gender Voice Reassignment
  • Modern Doubling
  • Special Effects/DJ Vocals
  • Insane Monster Voices

You only get the chance to download it for free with my redemption code and you hurry it’s Limited Time Only!

Update: Offer expired

* No iLok Required
* Supports VST, Audio Units, and AAX Native. Mac & Windows.

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