SnipSell – Your service to make smart passive income

SnipSell – Your service to make smart passive income

Good news for all ringtone lovers and ringtone makers! SnipSell® has come up to help and inspire musicians, artists, rappers, songwriters, singers, comedians and influencers worldwide. SnipSell® is basically a service to sell & share his or her music, sounds and videos as ringtones, text tones and alarm tones on iTunes®. Within few seconds your tone will be reached by millions of smartphone users. SnipSell® will pay you for each sale on iTunes®.

If you have talent and you are able to create viral videos or sounds, you can now sell Ringtones on iTunes®. It’s one of the easiest ways to earn money without giving much effort. Use your own sounds or videos and upload them to SnipSell® to generate smart passive income. It’s guaranteed that you will be paid for your ringtones. Remember: SnipSell® is one of the most popular and authentic services where artists, musicians, comedians and influencers upload their ringtones to iTunes®.

If you want to reach millions of iPhone® owners, SnipSell® is the best opportunity to sell and spread your sound creations across the world.

The upload process is done in simple steps.

Uploading procedure

The first step is to use the “select YOUR Audio, Video, REC” button. Upload a sound or video from your desktop or record a sound live. In the two boxes below this button you have to enter “your tone title” and “your artist name”. Now it is time for the second step. You have to choose your deal. In the first box  “Send royalties & reports to…” you have to add you email address. SnipSell® recommends to use your PayPal® email address as all payments will be sent to this email address.

Afterwards you choose the “Payouts & Pricing”. SnipSell® offers you two different deals. The “FREE Shared Deal”, where you receive 60% royalties. (Free for each year.) and the “BIG Deal”, where you receive 80% royalties. ($19.99 USD for each year.). If you are new to the ringtone business, SnipSell® recommends the “FREE Shared Deal”.

With more experience you can use the “Optional Settings” section below the “Choose Your Deal” section. Add your own cover artwork, label or choose the release date of your ringtone.

If you are done and you have agreed to the terms & conditions and privacy policy you click the final button “Done. Submit now.

If you have questions or doubts, you are free to ask SnipSell®’s support team. They will help answering your questions.

Advantages of SnipSell®

If you want to share or sell ringtones on iTunes®, SnipSell® is probably a choice for you to spread your own creations among your fans, friends and all iPhone® users. By using this service, you get access to share your music and sounds worldwide. Enjoy benefits that are given by SnipSell®’s network and earn monthly royalties. It’s a service where you will keep 100% rights and stay independent.

As you can start with the free deal, everyone has to try it. Once you’ve entered the ringtone market, you don’t want to leave SnipSell® again.

So try SnipSell® and make passive money

This is an Artist’s Secret.

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So try SnipSell® and make passive money

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