Houston Relief – SasanMusic for Houston

Houston Relief – SasanMusic for Houston

Freestyle Music Friends for Houston Relief

It is our belief that we as a people are more triumphant when we reach into our humanity to lend a hand to those in need.

The devastation of Hurricane Harvey is unprecedented and you only have to see the pictures and videos of those suffering to understand the magnitude of this tragedy. We could not imagine waking up one day to see our home and community in utter devastation. People have lost homes, cars, clothes, other property and even more tragically, loved ones.

Houston will be rebuilding for a long time and many families will require shelter, clothes, food, and medical supplies. We are a music label that prides itself in putting out quality music to the fans of our genre.

Our fans are from all over the US and Europe with a very huge following from the state of Texas. Our contribution is an original song performed by Reza Sharp Records recording artists and friends about love, hope, support, and a common responsibility to rebuild.

Help us support those in need by supporting this relief fund. Join our team and make a donation and in turn we will offer our song as a token of our appreciation and grattitude. No donation is too small as every penny helps us reach this goal. 100% of the proceeds will go to the American Red Cross for our part in aiding the citizens of Houston and its surrounding towns.

Let our community of music stand strong together in this effort.

Sasan Music Team

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