Dany-L – I’m Loving Freestyle

Dany-L – I’m Loving Freestyle

Dany-L’s new release will be a new anthem in the Freestyle community and together we will show our love and appreciation to this genre.

Dany-L’s emotional reflection brings you back to the days when it was all about the music, the energy, the passion.

Sing along with Dany-L and let the world know you’re loving Freestyle.

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Listen: Dany-L – I’m Loving Freestyle

Here’s what some fans and fellow artists had to say about this track:

“I enjoyed that nice vibe” – George Lamond
“The track is the bomb you did a great job!” – Johnny O
“Honestly thought I wasn’t going to Like it, but I did…” – Willie Valentin
“…I never thought the day would come when I would hear my name in a song..” – Judy Torres
“Love it!” – Alex Latin Nation
“Killer track” – DJ HotGQ
“Feeling it” – Erik Christian
“Nice vocals, very cathy lyrics” – DJ Smooth One
“I love it” – Franco Carlos
“I love it” Michelle Nieves Torres
“Great work Liked it!!!!!!!” – Mike Fernandez
“With Sasan Eda & AJ Cardona, ya know it’s HOT!!!!” – Rose Rivera

There are tons more comments like that above including an overwhelmed Judy Torres excited about the tribute.

Download: Dany-L – I’m Loving Freestyle

Lyrics: Dany-L – I’m Loving Freestyle

The music is my lifetime
the style that I live for
I’m Loving Freestyle
I’m Loving Freestyle

Verse 01

I discovered this beat I never heard before
The rhythm of this melody is taking over control
of my body I can feel force within it
It’s so electrifying and so addictive

I just cannot take it anymore
feel like dancing all over the dance floor
I think I’m losing my mind
I’m taking over the club tonight
and the mood is right


From George Lamond to Coro
Judy Torres my soul
Lil’ Suzy takes me
Cynthia’s amazing
Johnny O. he lifts me
Shannon’s dancing with me
TKA much louder than my love, love love love

The music is my lifestyle
the style that I live for
I’m loving freestyle, style style style style

The music is my lifestyle
the style that I live for
I’m loving freestyle

Verse 02

The DJ’s playing that song
Crowd’s going crazy
Party your body all night
the music’s so contagious
Poppin locking everybody dance to the breakbeat
and feeling the heat like in Miami

Just don’t be afraid to express yourself
you know you feel that vibe cause I know I can tell
let the music take control
over your body and soul tonight
and the mood is right

Chorus 2

Noel silent morning
waken by the postman
Stevie B. is singing
Spring love was that jam
Safire she told me
Leaving is not an option
Lisa Lisa wonders should she take me home, home home home home

The music is my lifestyle
the style that I live for
I’m loving freestyle


I just want to feel this one more time
Cause I’m feeling groovy baby
want to get this party started
I just want to feel it one more time
I got that fire baby and I know that I’m free
I’m free to express myself
and I’m free the music is my lifestyle the style that I love for I’m loving

Chorus 1 & Chorus 2

Sasan Eda, Alfredo Cardona & Daniel Negron-Carrion

Sasan Eda

Alfredo Cardona & Daniel Negron-Carrion

Reza Sharp Records

Sasan Music Group, Fred-Nice Music

Label Copy

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