Aj Cardona – Won’t Let It Go (feat. Devon Anthony)

Aj Cardona – Won’t Let It Go (feat. Devon Anthony)

After “Now That I Found“, he’s back! Aj Cardona – Won’t Let It Go. This is the title of his brand new freestyle song. For this song he asked Devon Anthony to join the song and he said yes. So Devon Anthony got the feature and his part in Won’t Let It Go will make you, let’s say scream. It comes with a hard hitting drums but with smooth harmonies. Aj’s voice will touch you. Won’t Let It Go will be another top hit by Aj Cardona produced by Sasan Eda.

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Lyrics: Aj Cardona – Won’t Let It Go (Feat. Devon Anthony)

Verse 01

It’s been a long time baby, since I fell in love.
But this time I know that it’s real.
Cause I’ve been through many heartaches, and I’ve been through many pains,
and now I found some that know just how I feel

Bridge 01

I’m tired of hanging on a string, swinging like a pendulum
Never knowing where it starts or where it might end.
Cause now I see in you…
What I’ve been waiting for so long, a love that would be strong.


And now that I found true love I won’t let it go.
Cause you’re the one that I have been waiting for.
I never knew that love could ever be this good.
I guess before in love just misunderstood (yeah)

Verse 02

It’s been a long time baby, since I said those words.
Cause I was scared that they would fall upon death ears.
But it’s reassuring baby, when I look in your eyes.
To see that sparkle that tells me it’s not a lie.

Bridge 02

I’ve always been a victim of false love,
All the fellas telling me what they thought I need to hear.
But all I needed was the truth,
if you love me let me know, but if you don’t just let me go.







Sasan Eda & Alfredo Cardona

Sasan Eda

Alfredo Cardona & Devon Anthony

Reza Sharp Records

Sasan Music Group, Fred-Nice Music

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