Sasan Eda has always had the passion for music and is inspired to actively guide musical talents. He has used his mixture of songwriting and music production to create an ideal combination for music talent. Sasan Eda’s mission is to release music that fits the spirit of SasanMusic.

SasanMusic is a music production company and an independent music label dedicated to Dance and Freestyle Music. SasanMusic was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Germany. Sasan Eda has had numerous collaborations with well known music recording studios in New York/NY, Los Angeles/CA, London and Hartford/CT.

Sasan Eda is utilizing his 13 years of experience and training to get you the best possible sound out of your music. He has learned on the best analog and digital equipment available. Sasan Eda is proficient in music production tools such as AMS Neve, SSL, Apogee, TubeTech, Avalon Design, Dangerous Music, Avid, and many other popular music programs. Sasan Eda’s studio is equipped with well-chosen audio hardware and software.

Sasan Eda has worked with many artists from around the world such as Al Walser (LA, USA), Panah (Austria), AJ Cardona also known as Fred Nice (CT, USA), Angel Mena (MA, USA), Willie Valentin (NY, USA) and Amy Tori (NY, USA), to name a few. SasanMusic productions have been featured on Sony BMG, ZYX, Manifold Music, Miami Bass Records, Artistik Records, and NSR Group. Many of his songs have been played on radio stations around the world and German TV Stations.

Sasan Eda Eda truly believes that Music knows no borders!